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That spare tire you are carrying around your waist is bringing far more return than any financial planner could ever hope for.  And yes, just like interest compounds, so does unnecessary fat.  As a matter of financial investment, there is absolutely nothing that compounds like belly fat.  Yes, that useless inflammatory insulation that feminizes men is soaking up your financial future and eating away your child’s college education.

George Washington University researchers found that the annual cost of being obese is $4,879 for a woman and $2,646 for a man.

They also demonstrated that 1 billion additional gallons of gasoline are used every year due to the increased weight of passengers since 1960.  So, that would be roughly $3 billion dollars every year.  Bad investment?

To make matters worse, childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years.  Perhaps, it is not that you have less money but that you simply cost more.

Your belly fat is literally (this is by no means figurative) stealing your longevity, your joints, your child’s education, your family vacation, your trip to Disneyland, your ability to procreate (belly fat decreases sperm count), your retirement, someone else’s seat on the airplane, your time with your grandchildren, your sleep, your sex life, and all it gives in return is cushioning.

So what are you to do?

Simple, put your belly fat into foreclosure.  Forget for 3 months about losing weight and instead focus entirely on exchanging fat for muscle.  It will open a whole new world to you.  Say hello to that European vacation!  There is new adage, “a pound of fat lost, is a dollar earned.”

So, stop kissing your belly fat butt and start kicking some butt!!!!!

There is a lie permiating the minds and hearts of busy people everywhere.  The lie is this: “I cannot exercise because I don’t have the time.”

Truth: You have 24 hours like everyone else, you just chose other “busy” activities.

I know right about now, excuses are poring forth from every corridor of your imagination.  This is great because you now have a list of everything that keeps you “busy.”   Cut a one or a couple of those “busy” activities and you now have your preset time for exercise.   See that wasn’t so hard after all.

For starters, busy is most definitely your fault.  Busy is a mindset in which a person performs many tasks so as to feel needed, fulfilled, distracted or important.

A busy life is by no means a productive life.  Just like the person who has the 24 hour fitness membership but never steps in the gym or the person who shows up at seven every morning to practice leaning against the weights or treadmill while talking to friends.  This may seem harsh but these AbsoluteHealth posts are dedicated to making sure you spend more of your life thriving and less of it surviving.

This is just a little wake up call.  You were not created to be busy.  Productive, yes!  Perhaps you are one of those people who has set aside time each day or week to exercise.  I would submit that if your heart rate doesn’t increase substantially, if sweat doesn’t start to wet your underarms and if there is no sensation of burn in the bellies of your muscles, you are not in fact exercising.  What you are doing is trying to trick your body into burning calories without performing any work.

By definition, a calorie is a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure.  So in order to “burn calories” you must force your muscles to expend energy.

Your I-phone, I-pad, laptop, cup of coffee, Netflix, Desperate housewives,  Facebook, Twitter mobile, romance novel, dirty clothes and the like will still be there when you get back.  Go get your sweat on!!!

The statements made in the post are purely the opinions of Dr. Matt and may not necessarily be consistent with the view of the Absolute Health Network:)


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