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“I have not time to exercise.” Well, do you have six minutes a day that you could carve into your break neck schedule?  Of course, we all have six minutes.  Not enough time is not a sufficient excuse for letting your health go and becoming yet another chronic disease statistic.

The following are examples of six minute EMOMs you could perform essentially anywhere at anytime.  Banish excuses and your gut all in six minute a day.  Let’s do this!!!

If you can the reps in less than 50 seconds then you should increase the number of reps or increase the weight you are using.

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

6 minutes

Even minute: 12 box jumps or 16 Step ups

Odd minute: 15 kettle bell swings

6 minutes

Even minute: 12 Goblet Squats

Odd minute: 10 push ups

6 minutes

Even minute: 10 burpees

Odd minute: 15 Air squats

6 minutes

Even minute: 12 Thrusters

Odd minute: 45 second plank hold

6 minutes

Even minute: 20 Lunges (each step counts as one)

Odd minute: 35 jumping jacks

6 minutes

Even minute: 24 Mountain Climbers

Odd minute: 12 Standing rows

6 minutes

Even Minute: Sprint with high knee in place for 30 seconds

Odd Minute: 12 Chair Dips

6 minutes

Even Minute: 12 Overhead presses

Odd Minute: 12 Dumbbell Deadlifts

6 minutes

Even Minute: 12 push ups

Odd Minute: 20 Seconds High knee sprint + 20 second butt kick sprint

6 minutes

Even Minute: 12 Air Squat and Jump

Odd Minute: 20 bridges

6 minutes

8 second sprint

12 second rest