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Gone are the days of covering up symptoms with medications only to need more medications to cover up side effects from medications. Health creation and optimization is the new standard we are upholding.
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Welcome to a fresh, genuine health experience where…

Food is Medicine

Food is the fuel of your biochemistry.  Who doesn’t want to promote strength, energy, vitality, longevity, great libido and a body that smiles back at you?

Fitness is Necessary

I haven’t found too many moments in life more gratifying than being given a task or a physical challenge and finding that my body was well able to complete it.

Faith is Paramount

We are each created for a divine purpose and settling into this divine purpose is a recipe for a healthy, fulfilled life.


6 Minutes of Daily Fitness

"I have not time to exercise." Well, do you have six minutes a day that you could carve into your break neck schedule?  Of course, we all have six minutes.  Not enough time is not a sufficient excuse for letting your health go and becoming yet another chronic disease...

Do I Need To Get Vaccinated?

Do I Need To Get Vaccinated?

Vaccines are always a hot topic with much emotion and lack of true science on both sides of the debate.  Dr. Paul Thomas a pediatrician of nearly 30 years practicing in Oregon is a great resource on understanding vaccines. 

Our Services

Intravenous nutritional therapy tailored as needed to best fit you.  Intravenous nutrient therapy can be used to overcome compromised absorption, increase specific nutrient levels to overcome disease and prevent sickness.
Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

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Our philosophy is that every human being is supposed to be well and can be well.
Disease Eradication

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We develop and implement nutritional strategies using both food and supplements to enable peak athletic performance.
Performance Nutrition

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Our daily habits define and create the outline for our tomorrow.  Gone are the days of the quick fix, miracle pill, and crash dieting.
Habit Transformation

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