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Glutathione is our Most Important Intracellular Antioxidant

Cellular glutathione levels are the major predictive marker of our actual age.  The more glutathione present within the cell, the younger our bodies are.

It is the measure used by scientists to indicate cellular health.  According to Dr. David Perlmutter, MD who is an expert in neurological disorders, glutathione leads the charge in brain research around the world.

Glutathione regenerates a popular antioxidant most people have heard of, Vitamin C.  Vitamin C then works to recycle a fat-soluble brain friendly antioxidant Vitamin E and the cycle continues.  Not convinced yet?

Why We Need Glutathione?

Free radical damage is the foundation of all degenerative disease and LOW glutathione is the enabler of free radical damage.  Hence the aging process.

Fibromyalgia is a condition of severe mitochondrial dysfunction. Your mitochondria are the energy hub of every cell.  They literally provide the currency by which you go about living, laughing and eating broccoli.  In this condition, it is as if maple syrup has been poured over the mitochondria, making them slow and sluggish (think: a broken ATM or one with a line around the corner and you have a “hot” date waiting).  This leads to massive fatigue and chronic unremitting muscle pain as toxins are not able to be cleared from cells.  Glutathione just happens to be a potent enabler of mitochondrial function!  Consider glutathione as the gold backing your mitochondrial money factory.

Glutathione likes to have it’s hands in everything!

It functions in the synthesis, protection and repair of DNA (keeps you from getting cancer). It is also present for the synthesis of proteins, the transport of amino acids (so you can build and repair damaged tissue), the elimination of heavy metals, the removal of toxins and carcinogens and on the side, it enhances natural killer cell activity (helps find and fight cancer if you have it).   Glutathione is structurally unusual, which allows it to react with would be “bad guys” keeping them from harming your cells.

Glutathione also resides over the activation of enzymes, which are considered the fire of cellular life.

That said, it is no wonder why glutathione is paramount for optimal mitochondrial functioning.  Vitamin C is no doubt an extraordinary nutrient that every human would do well to take regularly.  However, vitamin C works it’s magic outside of the cell whereas glutathione exerts its life sustaining effects inside the cell.

How Do I Keep My Glutathione Levels Up?

Eating lots of vegetables and fruit, getting regular exercises, optimal sleep and breathing in a harmonious rhythm all work together to keep our glutathione levels in tip top shape.  There are also many supplemental nutrients like, vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, magnesium, NAC, glycine and many adaptogenic herbs that support glutathione production.