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Our mindset will be the difference maker in 2017.

Health begins with a state of mind and the activities that promote health flow from this state of mind.

We humans are constantly creating self-inflicted limitations.  We foolishly believe that our own self-assumed limitations based on our life experience are hardwired into all humanity.

They are not.

Self Assumed Limitations

“My parents had this or that.”

“I am an all or nothing kind of person.”

“I have never been able to get a break at my work.”

“I must get a college degree to get a good job.”

“My skills are not adequate.”

“I have started 100s of diets and always end up farther behind then the last time.”

“My body sees food and gains weight.”

I don’t like vegetables.”

I cant live without diet coke.”

“I have tried quitting tobacco or alcohol but my body needs it.”

I just don’t like exercising.”

“I struggle with mental illness, just like my mom.”

Listening to the testimony of 1000s of patients and people at large, I have seen how we handicap our capabilities by our own self-imposed limitations.

Did you know there is no real limit?  It is all a facade but our life experience has engrained in us that this is how it is and will be.

I rarely run across a person talking about how they gain muscle easily, lose fat efficiently, and learn new things quickly.

We perfect what we practice

If we practice negative failure laden self-talk we are going to carry that out in our life.  Our bodies and lives have no choice, that is all they know.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful and perfectly positioned the light switch is.  If we have not been made aware that flipping the switch up turns on the lights, the lights will never come on.  Potential is what life is before action is taken. Please hear me, we ALL have this immense amount of positive life potential.

Here is the deal though, we can run around with potential and never really get anywhere or we can take a moment, stop everything and redesign our life.

Then every single day purposely practice what we want to perfect.

We then feed this new life design by reading, listening, communicating, and fellowshipping with those who are headed in that same direction.

Delete Distractions

Write down everything and everyone that is distracting you from your life purpose.

Then act on those distractions and immediately dismiss them from your life.  Remember, tomorrow NEVER comes.

For instance, I purpose to be fully engaged with my children this year.

In order to accomplish this and make them feel like they are the most important human entities on the planet, I will set apart specific times for patient interaction, for medical research, for working out, etc.

This way when I am with my girls, I am fully present with them.

Taking action

1.       I will disengage from the distractions of my smart phone and social media except for specific predetermined times.

2.       I will get up a few minutes earlier each morning to make sure I can accomplish tasks that I would normally do in the evening after office hours.  This will allow me to put 100% of my physical and mental energy into my girls in the evening.

People will likely see me with my girls and say Wow, he is a great dad.”  But I am no greater or worse than any other father, I am just purposely practicing fatherhood.  I am feeding my internal desire to see my girls flourish in life.

The cool thing is that the more I purpose to be a fully present, consistent father to my girls, the more I will see their talents blossom and the more motivated I will become to see them develop even more.

Momentum is a force that makes each new step more powerful than the previous step.

I still remember 15 years ago when I bought a candy bar and then completely befuddled by that action threw the candy bar in the parking lot garbage bin.  Burning that $1.50 was enough to give me the momentum to continue my practice of mastery over food.

Now I have zero fear that I will be controlled by food or wont be able to say “No” to a food item that is not congruent with my desire for outrageous health.

If you desire outrageous health and are not currently experiencing it, then do the following right now:

1)      Write down what you are going to do to create improved health in your body.

a.       Ex. I am going to eat 3 extra servings of vegetables each day.

b.       Or I am cleansing my house of all processed food.

c.       Or I am saying 5 things that I am grateful for first thing when I wake up and right before bed each day.

2)      Create at least one boundary or rule to support this action

a.       Ex. I eat a serving of vegetable before I permit myself to eat anything else at a meal.

b.       If I choose to bring junk food into my home, I first must perform 100 air squats, or 50 push-ups or walk 1 mile or call up my friend who is health conscious and tell them what I am about to do.

c.       I do not permit myself to speak to anybody or eat anything until I have said out loud the 5 things I am grateful for.

3)      Refer and review #1 every single day, morning and night.

Life is a collection of our daily choices.  Dont overthink, make ONE great small decision and keep making it day after day.

Then momentum hits and watch out here comes outrageous health!

Dr. Matt