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The everyday mastery of excellent habits will do nothing but enable your body to enjoy Outrageous Health.  These are not big things;  just little everyday matters that make mounds of difference.

Dietary Habits

This is simple, eat a rainbow of colors at every meal.  Every time you sit down for a meal check to see how many foods on your plate have the capacity to supply life.  A food has the capacity to supply life if it contains enzymes.  If it doesn’t contain any enzymes, your body must supply all the labor.  This is how we humans become older.  As we age our enzyme activity becomes slower and slower due to chronic recycling.  The best way to combat this is to put raw foods into our tummy everyday, because raw foods contain enzymes for living.

One thing is for sure, everyday you are going to eat food.  Why not eat the foods that have color and life bubbling out of them?

Movement Habits

Are you a stagnate pond in need of a plumber or a raging river?

The #1 biological marker of aging is muscle mass. If you want longevity, you must, I repeat must regularly move your body.  This movement has to consist of more than going from table to car to computer to table to car to fridge to TV to bed.  Think for a moment, how you can you incorporate more physical movement into your day?  Alright, how about you just do that tomorrow and see how it goes.

Between the age of 20 and 60 years of age, the average person loses 1/2 of their muscle mass and doubles their fat mass.  Being average is not good for your health.

Muscle is made up of biologically active tissue and requires much more fuel to maintain itself.  It requires any where from 30-70 calories a day to maintain one pound of muscle.  However, it only takes 1-2 calories a day to maintain one pound of fat.  Is it any wonder why we get fatter with age?  You don’t have to go to the gym and grunt it out with the other meat heads, go get your Zumba on!  Okay so you hate Zumba, go for a walk, pull out your P90X DVD that is picking up dust, play sports (softball doesn’t count) or hit the gym with a buddy.

Like I have said many times before, sweat is a beautiful thing and sore muscles are a good reminder that you are still alive.

Thinking Habits

Your genes make up 25% of who you are, the latter 75% is all on you. My simple suggestion would be to make a concerted effort to stop blaming circumstances or people for your current health situation.  I promise you, blaming others or your upbringing for your current predicament will in no way enable you to come out of it.

Your brain holds creative power.  Your daily meditations (what you consistently think about) are creating your tomorrow.  I would propose, that there is no other activity that you do more of during the day than think.  What if your thoughts were consistently positive?  What if optimism reigned supreme in your thought life?   What if you were counting your blessings instead of cursing your neighbor?  What if you told yourself what you were going to think, instead of allowing your mind to think on whatever came through the pipeline?  What if for just one month you attempted this?

A man with end stage cancer said that, he has his wife read him the Psalms when he gets “stinkin thinking” and it transforms his outlook.  That is called being proactive, we would do well to do likewise.

Hydration Habits

If there was a diagnostic code for cellular dehydration, it would likely be put on the insurance black list of codes.  Why, because it is so rampant!  I perform bioempedance analysis in my clinic and find it a rarity to measure a patient in office who has adequate cellular water levels.

The question is this: Do you want to have cells that look like raisins or do you want cells that shimmer like fresh concord grapes just off the vine.  If you chose the raisin look, then continue with the Standard American way of eating, moving and drinking.  Hydration is a fundamental requirement for healthy cell function.  This can not be overstated.

Water is essential for hormone and nutrient transport, maintenance of cell structure, and provides hydroelectric energy in the brain.  Your ability to think is directly related to your body’s hydration status.

Let me remind you, your body is simply a maze of multiple trillions of cells.  Those cells can look like raisins or lively grapes.  How about today, we add just one more glass of water to your daily routine.

Sleep Habits

If you want to lose fat and gain muscle, go to bed by 10:00pm every night.  If you want your liver detoxification pathways to work optimally, go to bed by 10:00pm.  If you want to feel and look younger, go to bed by 10:00pm.  If you want to think sharper, go to bed before 10:00pm.   If you would rather have the opposite, I recommend going to bed after 11:30pm most nights.

If you want it to be difficult for you to fall asleep at night, watch TV, work on the computer, play with your smart phone, read a scary book, or eat a big meal within the hour before you go to bed.  Sleeping with a night light is not recommended.  Blue light suppresses melatonin production, which is why we want a bat cave for a bedroom.

Powerful = Your Life

Today is the day to start thinking about why you are doing what you are doing. Your life is not an island that has no effect on anyone else’s life.

Study after study has demonstrated that an overweight person is likely to have overweight friends and pessimistic people are more likely to surround themselves with other negative people. This is why you are going to have to purposefully make decisions concerning your environment, relationships and daily habits if you want to live optimally.

This is the amazing part. People everywhere are looking for someone to follow to a higher place of living.  I must say you are definitely the person others are looking to whether you like it or not.

Create an outrageous life for yourself today; in doing so you will awaken the giant in others.


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