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Ionizing Radiation vs. Non ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation (IR) comes from radioactive material, x-rays and CT scans. It is able to break the bonds that hold molecules together. We essentially want this radiation exposure to be zero, except in cases of emergency.
Non-ionizing radiation (NIR) comes from electromagnetic fields both naturally occurring and man-made forms like power lines, household electrical appliances, cell phones, radar, WI-Fi, computers, etc. Non-ionizing radiation is much weaker then ionizing radiation and is not capable of breaking the bonds between molecules.

Does non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?

Many people have asked whether radiation from cell phones can cause cancer.  There is no clear link between cancer and non-ionizing radiation like with ionizing radiation, however one study did show a 60% increase in breast cancer risk among women of all ages who lived near high voltage power lines. There are also multiple studies suggesting an increase in brain or inner ear tumors with long term cell phone use.  Though non-ionizing radiation may not directly cause cancer like ionizing radiation, with our current 24/7 exposure it definitely something to be strongly considered if you find your health is lacking.

Symptoms of too much non-ionizing radiation

The most common symptoms related to chronic exposure to non-ionizing radiation are brain fog, low energy, insomnia, skin irritation, and headaches. I have had cases where routers in a child’s bedroom were the cause of bed wetting. As soon as the router was either removed or turned off during the night the bed wetting stopped.